Skybird Studios

A quick overview

Jay Rubin and Dustin Arth met while working on several music and video projects. Realizing they worked well together and shared a similar vision, Skybird Studios was launched.

We can help you shoot scenes in your project…or capture your behind-the-scenes footage. Golf courses are fun to see from high above and rather useful for golfers. Maybe you’ve got a home you’re selling and you need a literal different angle to make it shine.

Perhaps you’re some place with acreage and need a survey. Is your winery’s social media presence at little stale? Some beautiful aerial photography would help liven it up. You own a landscaping company and did some amazing work…what’s it look like from high above?

Your boat seems to have an issue right at the waterline. Skybird Studios can get eyes on something you can’t, so you can use our footage as part of your solution.

No matter your project,
Skybird Studios will capture it for you.

drone quad copter on green corn field
Dustin Arth

Lead Videographer

FAA Certified Drone Pilot

Jay Rubin