Skybird Studios

California. Elevated.

From Los Angeles to Lompoc, Bakersfield to Bishop and Napa to Newport, Skybird Studios has California covered. Our pilots are photographers who’ve been shooting for years and are FAA Part-107 certified. Our DJI Phantom 4 Professional UAV is always ready.

Skybird Studios handles everything you need for local permits and potential FAA waivers. Your job? Tell us what to cover for your project and leave the rest to us. Our services also include on-the-ground video as well as bonafide SLR still photography.

These are video stills from actual Skybird Studios shoots, not stock footage.

We can hand off the raw footage or we can edit your project to completion – or anywhere in between. Our rates are very competitive and we’re happy to work with you to customize a package that fits your vision and your budget.

Check out our selected Projects and text/call us today.